Appendix A: Texts and Resources

marked external (EX) or Indiana University only (IU)
Boulanger, Richard  and Lazzarini, Victor The audio programming book (2011) IU
Burk, Polansky, Repetto, Roberts, Rockmore Music and Computers: A Theoretical and Historical Approach (2011) EX
Cook, Perry R. Real sound synthesis for interactive applications (2002) IU
Dean, Roger T. The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music (2011) IU
Farnell, Andy Designing sound (2010) IU
Holmes, Thom Electronic and experimental music technology, music, and culture (2012) IU
Huber, David Miles Modern Recording Techniques 9th Ed. (2018) IU
Kahn, Douglas Noise, water, meat a history of sound in the arts (1999) IU
Kirke and Miranda Guide to Computing for Expressive Music Performance (2012) IU
Kreidler, Johannes Loadbang: Programming Electronic Music in Pd (2009) EX
Licht, Alan Sound art : beyond music, between categories IU
Loy, D. Gareth Musimathics: the mathematical foundations of music Vol. 1 (2006) IU
Loy, D. Gareth Musimathics: the mathematical foundations of music Vol. 2 (2007) IU
Manzo, V. J. Max/MSP/Jitter music guide to  interactive music systems for education (2016) IU
Müller, Meinard Information retrieval for music and motion IU
Neukom, Martin Signals, systems and sound synthesis IU
Ng & Nesi Interactive multimedia music technologies (2008) IU
Park, Tae Hong Introduction to digital signal processing computer musically speaking (2010) IU
Pejrolo, Andrea Creative sequencing techniques for music production (2011) IU
Pirkle, William C Designing audio effect plug-ins in C++ (2019) IU
Puckette, Miller  The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music (2006) EX
Roads, Curtis Microsound (2001)
Roads, Curtis the computer music tutorial
Bader, Rolf Nonlinearities and Synchronization in Musical Acoustics and Music Psychology (2013)
Benson, David Music: A Mathmatical Offering (2008)
Boyd, John P. Chebyshev and Fourier Spectral Methods (2000)
Cook, Perry Music, cognition, and computerized sound : an introduction to psychoacoustics (1999)
Gunther, Leon The physics of music and color (2012)
Kester, Walt Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques (2002)
Klapuri and Davy, eds. Signal processing methods for music transcription (2006)
Neukom, Martin Signals, systems and sound synthesis
Ra and Wieczorkowska, eds. Advances in music information retrieval (2010)
Roederer, Juan G The physics and psychophysics of music an introduction (2008)
Salih, Mohammed Salih Fourier Transform - Signal Processing (2012)
Sethares, William A. Tuning, timbre, spectrum, scale (2005)
Smith, Julius O. Physical Audio Signal Processing (2007)
Smith, Julius O. Mathematics of the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT): with Audio Applications (2007)
Smith, Julius O. Introduction to Digital Filters: with Audio Applications (2007)
Smith, Julius O. Index of all Julius O. Smith online publications
free online programming repository 500+ titles
free online computer language coding lessons Code Academy
Heller, Eric J. Why You Hear What You Hear (MAX ex, applets, etc.)
Cipriani and Giri Electronic Music and Sound Design (MAX/MSP examples, macros)
Blaserna, Pietro The theory of sound in its relation to music (1876)
Chadabe, Joel Electric Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music IU
Fletcher, Harvey Speech and hearing (1920)
Freeman, Jacob Joachim Principles of noise (1958)
Helmholtz, Hermann von On the sensations of tone as a physiological basis for the theory of music (1885)
Kahn, Douglas Noise, water, meat a history of sound in the arts (1999) IU
Miller, Dayton Clarence The science of musical sounds (1916)
Smith, Robert Harmonics, or The Philosophy of musical sounds (1759)
Stone, W. H. Scientific basis of music (1878)
Lassoff, Mark  HTML5: Audio and Video APIs (video) (get into books24x7 first with another title)
Lassoff, Mark  HTML5: Playing Audio Files (video) (get into books24x7 first with another title)
Waggoner, Ben  Compression for Great Video and Audio (2010)
Poynton, Charles  Digital Video and HD: Algorithms and Interfaces, Second Edition (2012)
JOURNALS/PERIODICALS [click on journal title for link]
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
Computer music journal  MIT Press
Organised sound an international journal of music technology  
Electronic musician  
Econtact Publication of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community
Soundscape the journal of acoustic ecology  
EURASIP journal on audio, speech, and music processing  
International Computer Music Association Proceedings ICMC conference papers
Leonardo music journal  
Journal of New Music Research formerly known as Interface
list of many journals  
Cipriani, Alessandro and Giri Electronic music and sound design : theory and practice with Max/MSP
Hosken, Daniel W. An introduction to music technology
Rowe, Robert. Interactive music systems 
Rowe, Robert. Machine Musicianship
Tan, Siu-Lan Psychology of music [electronic resource] : from sound to significance 
Chade, Joel Electric Sound