Chapter Two: Studio Gear

3. Microphones | Page 6

Microphone Text and Online Resources

Online Resources

Online Guides

My New Microphone (fantastic site, lots of information, explore all)

Shure: Microphone Techniques: Live Sound Reinforcement

Shure LOUDER Series of How-to Articles

DPA: Mic University

DPA: Immersive (Surround) Sound Recording

Sweetwater Tech Tips (search for your mic/recording topic of interest)

John Eargle: The Microphone Book 3rd Ed. (Amazon online preview, but you can see most of it)

A Brief History of Microphones (older, but good)

Bruce Bartlett: Articles on Mics (a few dead links, but very good basics and advanced topics)

RecordingHacks Online Mic Database (find tech specs for just about every microphone and manufacturer, past or present, plus a blog about mics)

Books in Print

Mic it!: microphones, microphone techniques, and their impact on the final mix, 2nd.Ed., Ian Corbett, New York: Focal Press, 2020
(excellent book on all things microphones, includes information on recording specific instruments)

Modern Recording Techniques, 9th Edition, David Miles Huber; Robert E Runstein, New York: Focal Press, 2018 (new editions every few years)